Precast Design Solutions Inc.

Reliable engineering partner for all precast concrete projects!

For over 15 years we have been helping precast concrete industry engineer and detail precast concrete structures of all sorts and shapes. Let our expertise and experience be part of your next precast concrete project.

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Engineering Your Ideas With Precast Concrete

Reliable engineering partner for all precast concrete projects!

For over 15 years we have been helping precast concrete industry engineer and detail precast concrete structures of all sorts and shapes. Let our expertise and experience be part of your next precast concrete project.

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Trusted Partners From Start To Finish

Reliable engineering partner for all precast concrete projects!

For over 15 years we have been helping precast concrete industry engineer and detail precast concrete structures of all sorts and shapes. Let our expertise and experience be part of your next precast concrete project.

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Servicing the precast concrete industry has proved to be quite a challenging task at the best of times. We strive to keep it punctual, open-minded and simple, yet making safety our top priority.


Architectural Cladding Structures

Seemingly simple task of engineering and detailing architectural cladding precast panels is evolving into fairly scientific operation with new developments in materials and technology.

Adding different materials as building face (bricks, stone etc.), combining insulation functions within the precast concrete panels and sometime using building envelope precast concrete panels as load bearing members are just some of the factors that have significantly complicated engineering of building envelope precast structures.

Architect’s desire for more open space, bigger windows, is keeping precast engineers on upper edge of new developments. Working through so many of the challenging ideas, we have strengthened the expertise and detail oriented approach so that we can help make your next project a great success.


Precast Concrete Parking Structures

These robust concrete structures when developed in precast prestressed concrete usually have added component of eye-pleasing appearance, given the fact of controlled production and wide array of possibilities for exterior load bearing elements, addition of brick facing, stone facing or wide range of colour and finish type that can make these otherwise boring gray buildings look aesthetically appealing.

We could take your next parking development needs and convert it into great looking building with use of precast prestressed concrete. Our expertise with this type of projects will take all your worries out of the big picture.

We hope that our experience and involvement with structural precast concrete projects in the past would make us a worthy consideration for your next precast concrete parking structure project.


Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders

With the increasing need for our aging infrastructure replacements and repairs, precast concrete girders and deck slabs are great products that warrant short construction times and durable parts of bridge projects.

Whether your needs are to design these elements in accordance with Canadian Bridge Code or to make adjustments to existing design to suit your production limitations, our knowledge and expertise are great tools that can be used to help you in a process.


Total Precast Concrete Structures

The growing need for residential space developments in the big city centers has emphasized the use of precast concrete wall panels and horizontal flooring elements to combine in a creation of great looking, durable and low maintenance concrete structures.

The speed of construction and  space limitations in big urban centers have made these building structures a very attractive way to fulfill the needs for more living space. Once again, we have considerable amount of experience and expertise in engineering and detailing of this type of precast construction and hopefully can be your partner in the development of total precast concrete building.


Concrete Structures Site Inspections

Whether it is the project that we have engineered and detailed or some other precast construction projects that you need site review of precast members and their connections, our firm can help with that aspect of precast construction. Our expertise and experience with precast concrete construction will provide you with great assurance that your ideas presented in design plans are followed by the erection team when putting precast puzzle together.


Helping to paint a more complete picture of diversification of our services, below is a list of some projects that we helped convert from ideas into concrete structure.

Architectural Cladding Buildings

  • Niagara Falls Casino, Niagara Falls, ON
  • 10 Freedom Place, New York, NY
  • 150 Charles Str., New York, NY
  • City Square Building H, Worchester, MA
  • New York Police Academy, New York, NY
  • University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • Lake Shore Plaza II, Sunrise, FL
  • Metwest International, Tampa, FL
  • Latitude One, Miami, FL
  • Opus Landmark, Carmel, IN
  • Regis Hotel, Atlanta, GA
  • Centralia High School, Centralia, IL
  • Parkwood West, Carmel, IN
  • New York Giant Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
  • Mercer County Courthouse, Princeton, WV
  • Fresno Courthouse, Fresno, CA
  • Buffalo Courthouse, Buffalo, NY
  • Harbor Center, Buffalo, NY
  • Liberty Center Office & Resid., Arlington, VA
  • 950 Trade Center, Lansing, MI
  • Briggs Addition, Birmingham, MI
  • Meadowbrook Insurance, Lansing, MI
  • Penta Carrier Center, Toledo, OH
  • Southshore Medical Center, Trenton, MI
  • U of M Cardiovascular Center, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Elizabeth Medical Center, Boston, MA
  • Belvedere Residences, Boston, MA
  • Kinas Warf Building B, Dartmouth, NS
  • Hazelton Apartments, Halifax, NS
  • Cheektowaga Police & Courts, NY
  • Lowes of New Westminister, NW, BC
  • SFN Community Center, Nanaimo, BC

Precast Parking Structures

  • Ajax GO Parking Garage, Ajax, ON
  • Clarkson GO Garage, Mississauga, ON
  • Belmont Ave Parking Garage, Kitchener, ON
  • Holiday Inn Parking Garage, Toronto, ON
  • Osborn Boulevard Garage, SSM, MI
  • Rochester East Garage, Rochester, MI
  • Rochester West Parking, Rochester, Mi
  • S. Citizenship Parking Garage, Detroit, MI
  • 212 Davis Dr. Parking Garage,
    Newmarket, ON
  • Overlook Ridge Parking Garage, Revere, MA
  • Martin’s Point Parking Garage, Portland, ME

Bridge Girders

  • Piece Bridge Canopy
  • Wonderland Road Bridge, London , ON
  • McLaughlin Road Bridge, Brampton, ON
  • Sarnia Road Improvements, London, ON
  • Line 5 Bridge Replacement, Bradford, ON
  • Highway 407 Station Bridge
  • Duckworth Street over HWY 400 Bridge, ON
  • Pine River Bridge, Thunder Bay, On
  • Oakville Creek Bridge, Milton, ON
  • Appleby Line Bridge, Milton, ON
  • Scugog River Bridge, Lindsay, ON
  • Albert Street Bridge, Strathroy, ON
  • Main Street Overpass, Markham, ON
  • Laird Road Underpass, Guelph, ON
  • Gate Bridge Replacement, HC, ON
  • Blackburn Bridge, Dauphin, MA
  • Kelly Creek Bridge, West Kootenay, BC

Total Precast Structures

  • SMAGS 3, Chalk River, ON
  • Kitchener Midtown Loft, Kitchener, ON
  • Woodstock Police Station, Woodstock, ON
  • Balsillie School, Waterloo, ON
  • Adam Beck Hydro One, Niagara Falls, ON
  • Holland TS Hydro One, Newmarket, ON
  • Berlin Prison, Berlin, NH
  • Pottle Lake WTP, Cape Breton, NS
  • Louisburg WTP, Cape Breton, NS
  • Jackson Apartments, Hamilton, ON
  • Paris Elementary School, Paris, ON
  • Harvest Power Green Center, Richmond, BC


For well over 15 years we have been successfully working on many different construction projects all across North America. Below is a gallery of some of the projects our team diligenlty worked on. 

About Us 

Precast Design Solutions Inc., company established in 2002 with the idea to offer reliable, punctual and yet safe above all engineering services to precast concrete industry. Few years later, we are still following into the same steps since the inception date.

Well Diversified Services

Our engineering services are well diversified covering pretty much every need that the precast concrete producer can have looking to develop and finalize precast project. Working with different customers and different requirements from each of these customers, we can say that we covered quite an extensive field of different approaches to developing the precast project. 

Our Clients Are Our Top Priority

We will always keep the interests of our customers as top priority while maintaining accurate and safe design of the precast concrete elements as unquestionable dedication to the safety of public that will enjoy the structures we are helping to create.

Digitally Developed, Manually Checked

All our drawings are digitally developed and manually checked. That is the concept we are employing since day one and we believe it has been paying great dividends to our customers and us likewise. Each project we work on will always be given due attention and time, coordinated with precasters’ office management, other trades involved on the project and delivered to the production line in a timely fashion.

Existing Precast Structures Assessment

Helping mostly with inception and development of the new precast projects, our services also extend to help developers with assessment of existing precast structures and quite often modifications of these to suit new services.

Complete Dedication & Expertise

Should you consider developing your next precast concrete project using our services, we will provide expertise and complete dedication of our team to ensure project’s success.

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